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Who we are and what we can offer

We form part of Hyuandai South Africa

Hyundai was founded in 1946 in Seoul, Korea. The name ‘Hyundai’ literally means ‘Modern era’, and from the very start the company quickly adopted a passion for progress which has been our hallmark ever since.

We at Hyundai in partnership with Associated Motor Holdings will ensure that the needs of all our customers are met and that the highest level of service is provided. and we will ensure that every aspect of the motor ownership experience is in place; from the purchase, to servicing and parts availability.

We ,in the Hyundai network have a long and well respected history in the motor trade and the dedication and expertise that have brought us to these positions will undoubtedly form the foundation for our customer care in the future.

Since inception, Hyundai SA has established a network of over 80 dealerships (of which we form part)in Southern Africa, including Namibia and Botswana. Hyundai has a wide range of products and have a particularly good name for maintaining high customer service standards.

WE, as part of Hyundai Automotive South Africa will continue to expand its model range, and facilities ahead of demand, to ensure that it leads, rather than follows, in the Automotive Industry.

Our mission is clear: To grow our brand, on a reputation built on integrity; recognizable style, reliability and superior build quality.

Hyundai Automotive South Africa’s Managing Director, Mr. Alan Ross says:
“When we took on this challenge, we knew what we had to accomplish, and we understood that it wasn’t going to be easy, but; “What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, the mind of a man can achieve.” "This has been our strategy from the beginning and we haven’t looked back for a moment…”

Please Feel free to Contact Us to confirm specific features, applicable terms and the non-binding retail prices of vehicles recommended by Hyundai Automotive South Africa in effect at the time of purchase.

Passenger Vehicles
Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MPV
Choose between driving fun, luxury, design, performance, style and safety, the perfect vehicle for your specific needs
Pre-owned Vehicles
Various Vehicles to choose
The affordability and quality of a used Hyundai is what has made them so popular in the used and pre-owned car market around the world and in South Africa.
Commercial Vehicles
H1 ; H100 and HD Range
Redefining your expectations of light to Medium Commercial vehicles;Tough, versatile, yet elegant no matter how large or small your undertaking